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2806C-E16TAG1 Engine

Technology used

  • Nouveau système Perkins de filtration du carburant et de l’huile « ecoplus », qui utilise des éléments filtrants incinérables peu coûteux
  • Bloc moteur sculpté
  • ​Forte résistance des pistons : têtes en acier et jupes en aluminium
  • Commande électronique du moteur

Technical Characteristics

Power 519.6 kW
Speed 1800 rev / min
Number of cylinders 6
Bore 140 mm
Race 171 mm
Combustion Direct Injection
Compression 15.8
Direction of rotation Clockwise looking at the flywheel


Width 2674 mm
Height 1722 mm
Depth 1117 mm
Weight 1712 kg

About 2800 Series

The 2800 Series provides a complete solution with its compact size 16 liter engine that combines cleanliness, concentrated power and low cost. Paying attention to detail during the design and manufacturing stages takes full measure during the engine operation. High efficiency, combined with excellent fuel consumption, oil changes at 500 hour intervals, prolonged periods between maintenances, a complete set of electrical and maintenance diagnostics makes the 2800 Series, a reference.
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