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3012-TAG1B Engine

Technology used

  • Premium quality, three-ring, controlled-expansion pistons provide wear resistance, reduced friction and high efficiency
  • Deep-skirted, integral crankcase for additional crankshaft support and strength
  • 400-hour service intervals further minimize operating costs
  • The 3000 Series includes a line of natural gas engines

Technical Characteristics

Power 733.2 kW
Speed 1800 rev / min
Number of cylinders 12
Bore 135 mm
Race 152 mm
Combustion Direct Injection
Compression 14.5
Direction of rotation Anti-clockwise looking at the flywheel


Width 2315 mm
Height 1756 mm
Depth 1406 mm
Weight 2365 kg

About 3000 Series

The 3000 series includes 8 and 12-cylinder engines offering a wide range of power, from 149 to 373 kW. This series is the result of the buyout of the Rolls Royce engine division by Perkins in 1984.
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