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4.248 Engine

Technical Characteristics

Power 60.4 kW
Speed 2500 rev / min
Number of cylinders 4
Bore 101 mm
Race 127 mm
Combustion Direct Injection
Compression 16
Direction of rotation Clockwise looking at the flywheel


Width 710 mm
Height 775 mm
Depth 532 mm
Weight 340 kg

About 4.236 Series

The 4.236 Series is a line of 4-cylinder diesel engines. These engines are generally installed in a wide variety of agricultural, industrials and construction equipment: tractors, loaders, excavators, aerial lift baskets, forklifts, generator sets and welding sets, etc. They are simple, compact and easy to maintain.
This series was the most commonly produced and sold series for over 30 years. The 4.236 engine has been Perkins’ greatest commercial success. Certain engines (rebuilt) in this series are still available on exchange.
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