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6TG2AM Engine

Technology used

  • Compact size for installation in narrow machine rooms
  • Low noise level, as well as a low level of fuel exhaust emissions, allowing them to meet future pollution standards
  • Fuel exhaust that is invisible to the naked eye
  • Very low cost of ownership

Technical Characteristics

Power 121.8 kW
Speed 1800 rev / min
Number of cylinders 6
Bore 100 mm
Race 127 mm
Combustion Direct Injection
Direction of rotation Clockwise looking at the flywheel


Width 1190 mm
Height 925 mm
Depth 722 mm
Weight 626 kg

About Marine EPAK Series

Resulting in a series of "high level" marine generator sets (EPAK) ranging from 13.5 to 161 kW. Low fuel consumption, extended maintenance intervals and low prices for replacement parts contribute to lowering the operational cost of the engine.
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